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OKC Innovates presents its third symposium “Sensors.” This event will feature the many ways sensors impact our personal lives and the business world. How can the information be used and analyzed? Sensors are used in many industries to minimize, optimize and maximize business applications. 

The ability for a system to see (photonic technology), feel (physical measurements), smell (electronic noses), hear (ultrasonics), think/communicate (smart electronics and wireless), and move (sensors integrated with actuators), is progressing rapidly and suggests an exciting future for sensors.

The symposium will kick off with an augmented reality demonstration - Sensing in Action. The presentation will provide short talks from local experts into four sections. Focused tracks include longevity, optimization, intervention and from a distance (unmanned technology). Industries represented will be aerospace, medical, oil and gas, transportation and agricultural. 

The symposium will provide a chance for you to learn more about specific technologies and approaches being leveraged by local organizations, and to understand the specific business problems being addressed. By having each section of talks include discussion of an open challenge as well as current solutions, we aim for the symposium to foster opportunities for collaboration within the community.

Attendees will be given time to engage in table discussions and a lively Q&A with each panel of presenters. A reception will follow the event from 5-6 p.m. The cost is $35 per person.

To register, please click on the link below.

About the OKC innovation district

OKC's emerging innovation district currently encompasses about 1.3 square miles east of downtown -- roughly between NE 13-16th Streets to the north and NE 4th to the south and Robinson and Lottie Avenues to the west and east. It crosses Broadway/Interstate 235 and includes Automobile Alley in addition to numerous institutions located within the boundaries. 

The Brookings Institution and Project for Public Spaces have recently completed an 18-month study of Oklahoma City’s emerging innovation district, an area encompassing the Oklahoma Health Center and Automobile Alley. This work, which will focus on the district’s economic strengths and quality of place, is part of the Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking, a joint initiative the two organizations launched in late 2015.

Read the report and recommendations.

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Why an innovation district?

This thriving area surrounding the Oklahoma Health Center is ripe for new development and has demonstrated success in incubating startup businesses. The city’s bioscience sector that has clustered in that area offers a strong anchor point for future development, and Oklahoma City already has shown its ability to work together to re-imagine some of its urban areas.

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Our partners

This in-depth study of Oklahoma City's emerging innovation district is part of the newly created Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking at Brookings. It is funded through a partnership of community organizations that include: 



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